mcsd certification salary

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MCSD or Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification can be taken by a developer or professional who has two years professional experience in the industry. The job prospects of the developer after finishing the MCSD course are quite good. In fact, according to a survey, a developer who holds MCSD certification can find jobs in numerous organizations in the capacity of IT project manager, software developer or software engineers. While a large number of software engineers find employment in the field of computer systems, there are numerous job prospects in manufacturing, insurance and finance industries too. Overall, this certification focusses on efficiency and professionalism of a professional in the field of security development.

The MCSD certification is an advanced security developer certification, only for those IT professionals having two years of experience in the field of developing web applications and Windows software. The certification includes five parts. The employment prospects are increasing at a fast rate, much more quickly as compared to other occupations, with an expected increase of almost 22% from 2012 to 2022. If the developer can create web applications and develop them, then the employment chances increase greatly.

This is all the more true for those developers, who have a bachelor’s degree in addition to the MCSD security developer certification. With technology growing by leaps and bounds, there are more career opportunities for developers of certified solutions in industries other than those mentioned above. Employment can also be found in industries such as social networking and mobile devices.


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