computer network architects

The duties of a network architect cannot be dissected to the tiniest detail for one simple reason: the market changes at all times. I.e., developments in cloud computing now inevitably push the market towards a completely new approach in network architecture.

Moreover, network architects spend considerable time predicting networking trends of the future. This is done in various ways, e.g., by analyzing current data traffic and estimating its growth. To be able to meet all future needs, network architects must keep up to date with latest developments in the field, including hardware and software technologies. Last but not least, it is the job of a network architect to maintain network security.

At a glance, these are some of the most common network architects’ duties:

Creating layouts for data communication networks;
Keeping security in mind when designing networks;
Upgrading hardware (routers) and software (drivers) to attain best network performance;
Presenting designs to management.
Sometimes, network architects may be required to work closely with computer hardware engineers. The engineers help build the networks designed by the architect.

Duties of a Computer Architect
Computer network architects typically work with chief technology officers. Together they determine the network types that best suit company’s needs. Once agreed, they proceed to planning and developing these networks. Network maintenance goes without saying.

computer network architects